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Assistant professor position

14 January 2018

A tenured assistant-professor position in Environmental Genomics is open at University Grenoble Alpes. The recruited person will conduct his research in the Laboratoire d’Ecologie Alpine and will (...)

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Le climat se réchauffe, les Alpes verdissent

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28 December 2017

Une étude menée au Laboratoire d’Ecologie Alpine en partenariat avec le Parc National des Ecrins montre que les hautes montagnes de l’Oisans sont aujourd’hui davantage recouvertes de végétation (...)

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Exposition Sur les îles du Ciel

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28 December 2017

Et si Darwin avait été alpiniste ? Une exposition et un documentaire en lien avec les travaux du LECA sur les plantes de hautes altitudes, au Museum de Grenoble du 6 oct 2017 au 26 août (...)

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Conservation: A little bit more land could do a lot for biodiversity

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9 August 2017

A small increase in the size of the world’s protected areas could have a large, positive influence on global biodiversity, a Nature paper reveals. The study, which focuses on less commonly studied (...)

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Brief presentation

The Laboratoire d’Ecologie Alpine has been assembled from a large panel of skills to understand ecosystem functioning and the maintenance of biodiversity, and to predict their responses to environmental change using concepts and methods coming from ecology and evolutionary biology. Our research is organized into 8 scientific thematics.


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