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Job offers and Internships

PhD subjects:
- Doctoral School for Health, Cognition and Environment Engineering (EDISCE)
- Doctoral School of Chemistry and Life Sciences of Grenoble
Job offers:
- Le projet IDEX-CDP-Trajectories recrute un instrumentaliste des milieux physiques, géophysiques et écologiques. voir le profil du poste
- An engineer position in "Scientific computing" is open at LECA. See job profile
- Professor position in Biodiversity Ecology and Evolution at University Grenoble Alpes. The application process is now closed. Download profile:

PDF - 41 kb

- Internship (partnership with EDF)

PDF - 30.6 kb

- On the Doctoral School of Chemistry and Life Sciences of Grenoble web site
- University Joseph Fourier recruitment
- CNRS recruitment campagns
- University of Savoie recruitment

There are no job opportunities available at the moment in the lab.

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