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13 septembre 2013 ( dernière mise à jour : 18 décembre 2014 )

Thèses en préparation au sein de l’équipe :

- BAROS Ceres
Modelling community dynamics and ecosystem resilience to disturbances".
Sup : Wilfried Thuiller & Tamara Münkemüller. Funded by the ERC TEEMBIO project.

- CARLSON Bradley
Species and Community Distribution Modelling in high elevation landscapes : application of high‐resolution imagery".
Sup : Philippe Choler & Wilfried Thuiller. Funded by the Ministery of Research

From communities to multi-trophic metacommunities : disentangling the features of diversity patterns".
Sup : Wilfried Thuiller, Sébastien Lavergne & Tamara Münkemüller. Funded by the ENS Paris.

- MAZEL Florent
Understanding diversity patterns from regional to global scales : influence of climate, speciation and migration."
Sup : Wilfried Thuiller & Sébastien Lavergne. Funded by the ENS Lyon

- MELLER Laura
Strategies to make spatial conservation prioritization less susceptible to uncertainty." Univ. of Helsinki, Finland.
Sup : Wilfried Thuiller & Mar Cabeza (Helsinki, Finland)

- MERCIER Céline
Methodological developments for the analysis of DNA metabarcoding data.
Sup : Eric Coissac & Aurélie Bonin. Funded by the Ministery of Research.

- PANSU Johan
Impacts of anthropogenic disturbances on biodiversity using a metabarcoding approach
Sup : Pierre Taberlet & Philippe Choler. Funded by the Ministery of Research.

- RAYE Gilles

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