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Scientific topics

13 September 2013 ( last update : 31 January 2014 )

The GBA team objective is to understand the genetic basis of phenotypic variation in relation with the adaptation of organisms to their environment and to use this knowledge for population management and biodiversity conservation. In order to understand the general framework of construction and evolution of adaptive traits, we are interested in identifying traits under selection and their genetic architecture, down to the identification of genes. We consider the selective pressures resulting from complex gradients such as pollution, habitat fragmentation and climate change. GBA has substantial experience in developing and applying new molecular marker systems (e.g., sequence- including whole genome sequences, SNPs multiplexes, AFLPs etc.) and the bio-informatics tools to analyse them, as well as novel statistical approaches for analysing population genetics data.

Our primary objective is to answer fundamental questions in evolutionary and conservation biology, such as :
- How do insects adapt to xenobiotics and other insecticides ?
- How do plants adapt to extreme conditions ?
- Will species be able to adapt to global change ?
- How communities will react to species range shift ?
- Will and how invasive species can be favoured by climate changes ?

Current projects involve :
1) the adaptation of alpine plants to global warming, especially at the merge of their distribution
2) the adaptation of insects to insecticides
3) the genetics of domestication in sheep and goats.

GBA team is involved in several European, national and regional projects, including :

As a coordinator :
- European project NextGen (2010 – 2014) Pierre Taberlet
- European project CONGRESS (2010-2013) Oscar Gaggiotti
- ANR CES DIBBECO (2009-2011) Laurence Després

Other :
- European project AvecNet (2011-2014)
- ANR GWAPHID (2010-2013)

Under the authority of :

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