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PhD thesis

24 September 2013 ( last update : 31 January 2014 )

List of theses being prepared within the team:

- Renaud Stalinski
Genetic of resistance to Bti toxins.
Sup.: Laurence Després

- Thibaut Capblancq
Adaptation, speciation and hybridization along an altitudinal gradient in butterflies of the genus Coenonympha.
Sup.: Laurence Després & Jesus Mavarez

- Pierre de Villemereuil
Development of statistical genetics methods for the study of local adaptation and their application to the alpine plant Arabis alpina: linking phenotypic, environmental and genomic data to understand patterns of phenotypic variation along altitudinal gradients.
Sup.: Irène Till-Bottraud & Oscar Gaggiotti

-  Badr Benjelloun
Sup.: François Pompanon

-  Alexandra Vatsiou
Genomic analysis using genome wide data.
Sup.: Christelle Melo-de-Lima & Oscar Gaggiotti

-  Wahid Zamani
A population genomic approach for identifying genetic resources in sheep, goat and their Iranian wild ancestors.
Sup.: François Pompanon


Thesis recently defended:

- Margot Paris
Evolution of Bti resistance on mosquitoes .
Sup.: Laurence Després and Jean-Philippe David
Defended on 01/02/2010

- Guillaume Tetreau
Fate of the bioinsecticide Bti in the environment and impact on the development of resistance in mosquito species.
Sup.: Laurence Després and Jean-Philippe David
Defended on 30/05/2012

- Marco Andrello
Estimation and analysis of the effective size of populations structured into age classes or stages.
Sup.: Irène Till-Bottraud & Oscar Gaggiotti
Defended on 03/12/2010

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