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18 novembre 2013 ( dernière mise à jour : 25 novembre 2013 )


- Albert CH, Thuiller W, Yoccoz NG, Douzet R, Aubert S, Lavorel S (2010) A multi-trait approach reveals the structure and the relative importance of intra- vs. interspecific variability in plant traits. Functional Ecology 24, 1192-1201.

- Albert CH, Thuiller W, Yoccoz NG, Soudant A, Boucher F, Saccone P, Lavorel S (2010) Intraspecific functional variability : extent, structure and sources of variation. Journal of Ecology 98, 604-613.

- Amoroso A, Domine F, Esposito G, Morin S, Savarino J, Nardino M, Montagnoli M, Bonneville JM, Clement JC, Ianniello A, Beine HJ (2010) Microorganisms in Dry Polar Snow Are Involved in the Exchanges of Reactive Nitrogen Species with the Atmosphere. Environmental Science & Technology 44, 714-719.

- Baptist F, Flahaut C, Streb P, Choler P (2010) No increase in alpine snowbed productivity in response to experimental lengthening of the growing season. Plant Biology 12, 755-764.

- Baptist F, Yoccoz NG, Choler P (2010) Direct and indirect control by snow cover over decomposition in alpine tundra along a snowmelt gradient. Plant and Soil 328, 397-410.

- Barbet-Massin M, Thuiller W, Jiguet F (2010) How much do we overestimate future local extinction rates when restricting the range of occurrence data in climate suitability models ? Ecography 33, 878-886.

- Beaumont MA, Nielsen R, Robert C, Hey J, Gaggiotti O, Knowles L, Estoup A, Panchal M, Corander J, Hickerson M, Sisson SA, Fagundes N, Chikhi L, Beerli P, Vitalis R, Cornuet JM, Huelsenbeck J, Foll M, Yang ZH, Rousset F, Balding D, Excoffier L (2010) In defence of model-based inference in phylogeography REPLY. Molecular Ecology 19, 436-446.

- Bellemain E, Carlsen T, Brochmann C, Coissac E, Taberlet P, Kauserud H (2010) ITS as an environmental DNA barcode for fungi : an in silico approach reveals potential PCR biases. Bmc Microbiology 10.

- Brathen KA, Fodstad CH, Gallet C (2010) Ecosystem disturbance reduces the allelopathic effects of Empetrum hermaphroditum humus on tundra plants. Journal of Vegetation Science 21, 786-795.

- Buisson L, Thuiller W, Casajus N, Lek S, Grenouillet G (2010) Uncertainty in ensemble forecasting of species distribution. Global Change Biology 16, 1145-1157.

- Carboni M, Thuiller W, Izzi F, Acosta A (2010) Disentangling the relative effects of environmental versus human factors on the abundance of native and alien plant species in Mediterranean sandy shores. Diversity and Distributions 16, 537-546.

- Castro H, Lehsten V, Lavorel S, Freitas H (2010) Functional response traits in relation to land use change in the Montado. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment 137, 183-191.

- Choler P, Sea W, Briggs P, Raupach M, Leuning R (2010) A simple ecohydrological model captures essentials of seasonal leaf dynamics in semi-arid tropical grasslands. Biogeosciences 7, 907-920.

- Christianson D, Creel S (2010) A nutritionally mediated risk effect of wolves on elk. Ecology 91, 1184-1191.

- Csillery K, Blum MGB, Gaggiotti OE, Francois O (2010) Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) in practice. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 25, 410-418.

- Csillery K, Blum MGB, Gaggiotti OE, Francois O (2010) Invalid arguments against ABC : Reply to AR Templeton. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 25, 490-491.

- Cubaynes S, Pradel R, Choquet R, Duchamp C, Gaillard JM, Lebreton JD, Marboutin E, Miquel C, Reboulet AM, Poillot C, Taberlet P, Gimenez O (2010) Importance of Accounting for Detection Heterogeneity When Estimating Abundance : the Case of French Wolves. Conservation Biology 24, 621-626.

- David JP, Coissac E, Melodelima C, Poupardin R, Riaz MA, Chandor-Proust A, Reynaud S (2010) Transcriptome response to pollutants and insecticides in the dengue vector Aedes aegypti using next-generation sequencing technology. Bmc Genomics 11.

- de Bello F, Lavergne S, Meynard CN, Leps J, Thuiller W (2010) The partitioning of diversity : showing Theseus a way out of the labyrinth. Journal of Vegetation Science 21, 992-1000.

- de Bello F, Lavorel S, Diaz S, Harrington R, Cornelissen JHC, Bardgett RD, Berg MP, Cipriotti P, Feld CK, Hering D, da Silva PM, Potts SG, Sandin L, Sousa JP, Storkey J, Wardle DA, Harrison PA (2010) Towards an assessment of multiple ecosystem processes and services via functional traits. Biodiversity and Conservation 19, 2873-2893.

- de Bello F, Lavorel S, Gerhold P, Reier U, Partel M (2010) A biodiversity monitoring framework for practical conservation of grasslands and shrublands. Biological Conservation 143, 9-17.

- Del Cerro I, Marmi J, Ferrando A, Chashchin P, Taberlet P, Bosch M (2010) Nuclear and mitochondrial phylogenies provide evidence for four species of Eurasian badgers (Carnivora). Zoologica Scripta 39, 415-425.

- Devictor V, Clavel J, Julliard R, Lavergne S, Mouillot D, Thuiller W, Venail P, Villeger S, Mouquet N (2010) Defining and measuring ecological specialization. Journal of Applied Ecology 47, 15-25.

- Devictor V, Mouillot D, Meynard C, Jiguet F, Thuiller W, Mouquet N (2010) Spatial mismatch and congruence between taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional diversity : the need for integrative conservation strategies in a changing world. Ecology Letters 13, 1030-1040.

- Dumas P, Tetreau G, Petit D (2010) Why certain male grasshoppers have clubbed antennae ? Comptes Rendus Biologies 333, 429-437.

- Ennajdaoui H, Vachon G, Giacalone C, Besse I, Sallaud C, Herzog M, Tissier A (2010) Trichome specific expression of the tobacco (Nicotiana sylvestris) cembratrien-ol synthase genes is controlled by both activating and repressing cis-regions. Plant Molecular Biology 73, 673-685.

- Ficetola GF, Coissac E, Zundel S, Riaz T, Shehzad W, Bessiere J, Taberlet P, Pompanon F (2010) An In silico approach for the evaluation of DNA barcodes. Bmc Genomics 11.

- Ficetola GF, Maiorano L, Falcucci A, Dendoncker N, Boitani L, Padoa-Schioppa E, Miaud C, Thuiller W (2010) Knowing the past to predict the future : land-use change and the distribution of invasive bullfrogs. Global Change Biology 16, 528-537.

- Gaggiotti OE (2010) Bayesian statistical treatment of the fluorescence of AFLP bands leads to accurate genetic structure inference. Molecular Ecology 19, 4586-4588.

- Gaggiotti OE (2010) Preface to the special issue : advances in the analysis of spatial genetic data. Molecular Ecology Resources 10, 757-759.

- Gaggiotti OE, Foll M (2010) Quantifying population structure using the F-model. Molecular Ecology Resources 10, 821-830.

- Gaillard JM, Hebblewhite M, Loison A, Fuller M, Powell R, Basille M, Van Moorter B (2010) Habitat-performance relationships : finding the right metric at a given spatial scale. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 365, 2255-2265.

- Gallien L, Munkemuller T, Albert CH, Boulangeat I, Thuiller W (2010) Predicting potential distributions of invasive species : where to go from here ? Diversity and Distributions 16, 331-342.

- Grassein F, Till-Bottraud I, Lavorel S (2010) Plant resource-use strategies : the importance of phenotypic plasticity in response to a productivity gradient for two subalpine species. Annals of Botany 106, 637-645.

- Gross N, Le Bagousse-Pinguet Y, Liancourt P, Urcelay C, Catherine R, Lavorel S (2010) Trait-mediated effect of arbuscular mycorrhiza on the competitive effect and response of a monopolistic species. Functional Ecology 24, 1122-1132.

- Gross N, Liancourt P, Choler P, Suding KN, Lavorel S (2010) Strain and vegetation effects on local limiting resources explain the outcomes of biotic interactions. Perspectives in Plant Ecology Evolution and Systematics 12, 9-19.

- Harrington R, Anton C, Dawson TP, de Bello F, Feld CK, Haslett JR, Kluvankova-Oravska T, Kontogianni A, Lavorel S, Luck GW, Rounsevell MDA, Samways MJ, Settele J, Skourtos M, Spangenberg JH, Vandewalle M, Zobel M, Harrison PA (2010) Ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation : concepts and a glossary. Biodiversity and Conservation 19, 2773-2790.

- Harrison PA, Vandewalle M, Sykes MT, Berry PM, Bugter R, de Bello F, Feld CK, Grandin U, Harrington R, Haslett JR, Jongman RHG, Luck GW, da Silva PM, Moora M, Settele J, Sousa JP, Zobel M (2010) Identifying and prioritising services in European terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems. Biodiversity and Conservation 19, 2791-2821.

- Heikkinen RK, Luoto M, Leikola N, Poyry J, Settele J, Kudrna O, Marmion M, Fronzek S, Thuiller W (2010) Assessing the vulnerability of European butterflies to climate change using multiple criteria. Biodiversity and Conservation 19, 695-723.

- Herrmann D, Poncet BN, Manel S, Rioux D, Gielly L, Taberlet P, Gugerli F (2010) Selection criteria for scoring amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLPs) positively affect the reliability of population genetic parameter estimates. Genome 53, 302-310.

- Ibanez S, Dotterl S, Anstett MC, Baudino S, Caissard JC, Gallet C, Despres L (2010) The role of volatile organic compounds, morphology and pigments of globeflowers in the attraction of their specific pollinating flies. New Phytologist 188, 451-463.

- Kramer K, Degen B, Buschbom J, Hickler T, Thuiller W, Sykes MT, de Winter W (2010) Modelling exploration of the future of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) under climate change-Range, abundance, genetic diversity and adaptive response. Forest Ecology and Management 259, 2213-2222.

- Lasram FB, Guilhaumon F, Albouy C, Somot S, Thuiller W, Mouillot D (2010) The Mediterranean Sea as a ’cul-de-sac’ for endemic fishes facing climate change. Global Change Biology 16, 3233-3245.

- Lavergne S, Muenke NJ, Molofsky J (2010) Genome size reduction can trigger rapid phenotypic evolution in invasive plants. Annals of Botany 105, 109-116.

- Lemperiere G, Marage D (2010) The influence of forest management and habitat on insect communities associated with dead wood : a case study in forests of the southern French Alps. Insect Conservation and Diversity 3, 236-245.

- Manel S, Joost S, Epperson BK, Holderegger R, Storfer A, Rosenberg MS, Scribner KT, Bonin A, Fortin MJ (2010) Perspectives on the use of landscape genetics to detect genetic adaptive variation in the field. Molecular Ecology 19, 3760-3772.

- Manel S, Poncet BN, Legendre P, Gugerli F, Holderegger R (2010) Common factors drive adaptive genetic variation at different spatial scales in Arabis alpina. Molecular Ecology 19, 3824-3835.

- Marco A, Lavergne S, Dutoit T, Bertaudiere-Montes V (2010) From the backyard to the backcountry : how ecological and biological traits explain the escape of garden plants into Mediterranean old fields. Biological Invasions 12, 761-779.

- Marquis O, Miaud C, Ficetola GF, Boscher A, Mouchet F, Guittonneau S, Devaux A (2010) Variation in genotoxic stress tolerance among frog populations exposed to UV and pollutant gradients (vol 95, pg 152, 2009). Aquatic Toxicology 96, 84-84.

- Midgley GF, Davies ID, Albert CH, Altwegg R, Hannah L, Hughes GO, O’Halloran LR, Seo C, Thorne JH, Thuiller W (2010) BioMove - an integrated platform simulating the dynamic response of species to environmental change. Ecography 33, 612-616.

- Molitor C, Inthavong B, Sage L, Geremia RA, Mouhamadou B (2010) Potentiality of the cox1 gene in the taxonomic resolution of soil fungi. Fems Microbiology Letters 302, 76-84.

- Mora MS, Mapelli FJ, Gaggiotti OE, Kittlein MJ, Lessa EP (2010) Dispersal and population structure at different spatial scales in the subterranean rodent Ctenomys australis. Bmc Genetics 11.

- Padua M, Cavaco AM, Aubert S, Bligny R, Casimiro A (2010) Effects of copper on the photosynthesis of intact chloroplasts : interaction with manganese. Physiologia Plantarum 138, 301-311.

- Paris M, Bonnes B, Ficetola GF, Poncet BN, Despres L (2010) Amplified fragment length homoplasy : in silico analysis for model and non-model species. Bmc Genomics 11.

- Paris M, Boyer S, Bonin A, Collado A, David JP, Despres L (2010) Genome scan in the mosquito Aedes rusticus : population structure and detection of positive selection after insecticide treatment. Molecular Ecology 19, 325-337.

- Poncet BN, Herrmann D, Gugerli F, Taberlet P, Holderegger R, Gielly L, Rioux D, Thuiller W, Aubert S, Manel S (2010) Tracking genes of ecological relevance using a genome scan in two independent regional population samples of Arabis alpina. Molecular Ecology 19, 2896-2907.

- Poupardin R, Riaz MA, Vontas J, David JP, Reynaud S (2010) Transcription profiling of eleven cytochrome P450s potentially involved in xenobiotic metabolism in the mosquito Aedes aegypti. Insect Molecular Biology 19, 185-193.

- Quetier F, Rivoal F, Marty P, de Chazal J, Thuiller W, Lavorel S (2010) Social representations of an alpine grassland landscape and socio-political discourses on rural development. Regional Environmental Change 10, 119-130.

- Rezaei HR, Naderi S, Chintauan-Marquier IC, Taberlet P, Virk AT, Naghash HR, Rioux D, Kaboli M, Pompanon F (2010) Evolution and taxonomy of the wild species of the genus Ovis (Mammalia, Artiodactyla, Bovidae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 54, 315-326.

- Richomme C, Afonso E, Tolon V, Ducrot C, Halos L, Alliot A, Perret C, Thomas M, Boireau P, Gilot-Fromont E (2010) Seroprevalence and factors associated with Toxoplasma gondii infection in wild boar (Sus scrofa) in a Mediterranean island. Epidemiology and Infection 138, 1257-1266.

- Robson TM, Baptist F, Clement JC, Lavorel S (2010) Land use in subalpine grasslands affects nitrogen cycling via changes in plant community and soil microbial uptake dynamics. Journal of Ecology 98, 62-73.

- Saccone P, Brun JJ, Michalet R (2010) Challenging growth-survival trade-off : a key for Acer negundo invasion in European floodplains ? Canadian Journal of Forest Research-Revue Canadienne De Recherche Forestiere 40, 1879-1886.

- Saccone P, Pages JP, Girel J, Brun JJ, Michalet R (2010) Acer negundo invasion along a successional gradient : early direct facilitation by native pioneers and late indirect facilitation by conspecifics. New Phytologist 187, 831-842.

- Salamin N, Wuest RO, Lavergne S, Thuiller W, Pearman PB (2010) Assessing rapid evolution in a changing environment. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 25, 692-698.

- Schob C, Kammer PM, Kikvidze Z, Choler P, von Felten S, Veit H (2010) Counterbalancing effects of competition for resources and facilitation against grazing in alpine snowbed communities. Oikos 119, 1571-1580.

- Segelbacher G, Cushman SA, Epperson BK, Fortin MJ, Francois O, Hardy OJ, Holderegger R, Taberlet P, Waits LP, Manel S (2010) Applications of landscape genetics in conservation biology : concepts and challenges. Conservation Genetics 11, 375-385.

- Serandour J, Willison J, Thuiller W, Ravanel P, Lemperiere G, Raveton M (2010) Environmental drivers for Coquillettidia mosquito habitat selection : a method to highlight key field factors. Hydrobiologia 652, 377-388.

- Skinner AK, Lunt ID, McIntyre S, Spooner PG, Lavorel S (2010) Eucalyptus recruitment in degraded woodlands : no benefit from elevated soil fertility. Plant Ecology 208, 359-370.

- Sonstebo JH, Gielly L, Brysting AK, Elven R, Edwards M, Haile J, Willerslev E, Coissac E, Rioux D, Sannier J, Taberlet P, Brochmann C (2010) Using next-generation sequencing for molecular reconstruction of past Arctic vegetation and climate. Molecular Ecology Resources 10, 1009-1018.

- Thompson JD, Gaudeul M, Debussche M (2010) Conservation Value of Sites of Hybridization in Peripheral Populations of Rare Plant Species. Conservation Biology 24, 236-245.

- Thuiller W, Albert CH, Dubuis A, Randin C, Guisan A (2010) Variation in habitat suitability does not always relate to variation in species’ plant functional traits. Biology Letters 6, 120-123.

- Thuiller W, Gallien L, Boulangeat I, de Bello F, Munkemuller T, Roquet C, Lavergne S (2010) Resolving Darwin’s naturalization conundrum : a quest for evidence. Diversity and Distributions 16, 461-475.

- Till-Bottraud I, Poncet BN, Rioux D, Girel J (2010) Spatial structure and clonal distribution of genotypes in the rare Typha minima Hoppe (Typhaceae) along a river system. Botanica Helvetica 120, 53-62.

- Travis JMJ, Munkemuller T, Burton OJ (2010) Mutation surfing and the evolution of dispersal during range expansions. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23, 2656-2667.

- van Gestel CAM, Kool PL, Ortiz MD (2010) Metal-based nanoparticles in soil : New research themes should not ignore old rules and theories. Comments on the paper by Hu et al. (2010) ’Toxicological effects of TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticles in soil on earthworm Eisenia fetida.’ Soil Biology & Biochemistry 42, 586-591. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 42, 1892-1893.

- Vandewalle M, de Bello F, Berg MP, Bolger T, Doledec S, Dubs F, Feld CK, Harrington R, Harrison PA, Lavorel S, da Silva PM, Moretti M, Niemela J, Santos P, Sattler T, Sousa JP, Sykes MT, Vanbergen AJ, Woodcock BA (2010) Functional traits as indicators of biodiversity response to land use changes across ecosystems and organisms. Biodiversity and Conservation 19, 2921-2947.

- Viard-Cretat F, Gross N, Colace MP, Lavorel S (2010) Litter and living plants have contrasting effects on seedling recruitment in subalpine grasslands. Preslia 82, 483-496.

- Virkkala R, Marmion M, Heikkinen RK, Thuiller W, Luoto M (2010) Predicting range shifts of northern bird species : Influence of modelling technique and topography. Acta Oecologica-International Journal of Ecology 36, 269-281.

- Zurell D, Berger U, Cabral JS, Jeltsch F, Meynard CN, Munkemuller T, Nehrbass N, Pagel J, Reineking B, Schroder B, Grimm V (2010) The virtual ecologist approach : simulating data and observers. Oikos 119, 622-635.

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