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7 novembre 2013 ( dernière mise à jour : 25 novembre 2013 )


- Albert CH, Grassein F, Schurr FM, Vieilledent G, Violle C (2011) When and how should intraspecific variability be considered in trait-based plant ecology ? Perspectives in Plant Ecology Evolution and Systematics 13, 217-225.

- Andrello M, Bevacqua D, Maes GE, De Leo GA (2011) An integrated genetic- demographic model to unravel the origin of genetic structure in European eel (Anguilla anguilla L.). Evolutionary Applications 4, 517-533.

- Araujo MB, Alagador D, Cabeza M, Nogues-Bravo D, Thuiller W (2011) Climate change threatens European conservation areas. Ecology Letters 14, 484-492.

- Badin AL, Monier A, Volatier L, Geremia RA, Delolme C, Bedell JP (2011) Structural Stability, Microbial Biomass and Community Composition of Sediments Affected by the Hydric Dynamics of an Urban Stormwater Infiltration Basin. Microbial Ecology 61, 885-897.

- Beaumont LJ, Pitman A, Perkins S, Zimmermann NE, Yoccoz NG, Thuiller W (2011) Impacts of climate change on the world’s most exceptional ecoregions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108, 2306-2311.

- Benjelloun B, Pompanon F, Ben Bati M, Chentouf M, Ibnelbachyr M, El Amiri B, Rioux D, Boulanouar B, Taberlet P (2011) Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism in Moroccan goats. Small Ruminant Research 98, 201-205.

- Bevacqua D, Andrello M, Melia P, Vincenzi S, De Leo GA, Crivelli AJ (2011) Density-dependent and inter-specific interactions affecting European eel settlement in freshwater habitats. Hydrobiologia 671, 259-265.

- Cabral JS, Bond WJ, Midgley GF, Rebelo AG, Thuiller W, Schurr FM (2011) Effects of Harvesting Flowers from Shrubs on the Persistence and Abundance of Wild Shrub Populations at Multiple Spatial Extents. Conservation Biology 25, 73-84.

- Calsbeek B, Lavergne S, Patel M, Molofsky J (2011) Comparing the genetic architecture and potential response to selection of invasive and native populations of reed canary grass. Evolutionary Applications 4, 726-735.

- Catinon M, Ayrault S, Spadini L, Boudouma O, Asta J, Tissut M, Ravanel P (2011) Tree bark suber-included particles : A long-term accumulation site for elements of atmospheric origin. Atmospheric Environment 45, 1102-1109.

- Chintauan-Marquier IC, Jordan S, Berthier P, Amedegnato C, Pompanon F (2011) Evolutionary history and taxonomy of a short-horned grasshopper subfamily : The Melanoplinae (Orthoptera : Acrididae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 58, 22-32.

- Choler P, Sea W, Leuning R (2011) A Benchmark Test for Ecohydrological Models of Interannual Variability of NDVI in Semi-arid Tropical Grasslands. Ecosystems 14, 183-197.

- de Bello F, Lavorel S, Albert CH, Thuiller W, Grigulis K, Dolezal J, Janecek S, Leps J (2011) Quantifying the relevance of intraspecific trait variability for functional diversity. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2, 163-174.

- Defossez E, Courbaud B, Marcais B, Thuiller W, Granda E, Kunstler G (2011) Do interactions between plant and soil biota change with elevation ? A study on Fagus sylvatica. Biology Letters 7, 699-701.

- Dejean T, Valentini A, Duparc A, Pellier-Cuit S, Pompanon F, Taberlet P, Miaud C (2011) Persistence of Environmental DNA in Freshwater Ecosystems. Plos One 6.

- Diaz S, Quetier F, Trainor SF, Caceres DM (2011) Reply to Romero and Agrawal : Unpacking the specific links between biodiversity, ecosystem services, and social diversity is an essential first step. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108, E197-E197.

- Dvorsky M, Dolezal J, de Bello F, Klimesova J, Klimes L (2011) Vegetation types of East Ladakh : species and growth form composition along main environmental gradients. Applied Vegetation Science 14, 132-147.

- Engler R, Randin CF, Thuiller W, Dullinger S, Zimmermann NE, Araujo MB, Pearman PB, Le Lay G, Piedallu C, Albert CH, Choler P, Coldea G, De Lamo X, Dirnbock T, Gegout JC, Gomez-Garcia D, Grytnes JA, Heegaard E, Hoistad F, Nogues-Bravo D, Normand S, Puscas M, Sebastia MT, Stanisci A, Theurillat JP, Trivedi MR, Vittoz P, Guisan A (2011) 21st century climate change threatens mountain flora unequally across Europe. Global Change Biology 17, 2330-2341.

- Ficetola GF, Bonin A (2011) Conserving adaptive genetic diversity in dynamic landscapes. Molecular Ecology 20, 1569-1571.

- Ficetola GF, Valentini A, Miaud C, Noferini A, Mazzotti S, Dejean T (2011) Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in amphibians from the Po River Delta, Northern Italy. Acta Herpetologica 6, 297-302.

- Gaggiotti OE (2011) Making inferences about speciation using sophisticated statistical genetics methods : look before you leap. Molecular Ecology 20, 2229-2232.

- Garel M, Forsyth DM, Loison A, Dubray D, Jullien JM, Tustin KG, Maillard D, Gaillard JM (2011) Age-related male reproductive effort in two mountain ungulates of contrasting sexual size dimorphism. Canadian Journal of Zoology-Revue Canadienne De Zoologie 89, 929-937.

- Garel M, Gaillard JM, Jullien JM, Dubray D, Maillard D, Loison A (2011) Population abundance and early spring conditions determine variation in body mass of juvenile chamois. Journal of Mammalogy 92, 1112-1117.

- Hemborg AM, Despres L (2011) Floral phenotypic plasticity as a buffering mechanism in the globeflower-fly mutualism. Plant Ecology 212, 1205-1212.

- Joost S, Colli L, Bonin A, Biebach I, Allendorf FW, Hoffmann I, Hanotte O, Taberlet P, Bruford MW, Consortium G (2011) Promoting collaboration between livestock and wildlife conservation genetics communities. Conservation Genetics Resources 3, 785-788.

- Kattge J, Diaz S, Lavorel S, Prentice C, Leadley P, Bonisch G, Garnier E, Westoby M, Reich PB, Wright IJ, Cornelissen JHC, Violle C, Harrison SP, van Bodegom PM, Reichstein M, Enquist BJ, Soudzilovskaia NA, Ackerly DD, Anand M, Atkin O, Bahn M, Baker TR, Baldocchi D, Bekker R, Blanco CC, Blonder B, Bond WJ, Bradstock R, Bunker DE, Casanoves F, Cavender-Bares J, Chambers JQ, Chapin FS, Chave J, Coomes D, Cornwell WK, Craine JM, Dobrin BH, Duarte L, Durka W, Elser J, Esser G, Estiarte M, Fagan WF, Fang J, Fernandez-Mendez F, Fidelis A, Finegan B, Flores O, Ford H, Frank D, Freschet GT, Fyllas NM, Gallagher RV, Green WA, Gutierrez AG, Hickler T, Higgins SI, Hodgson JG, Jalili A, Jansen S, Joly CA, Kerkhoff AJ, Kirkup D, Kitajima K, Kleyer M, Klotz S, Knops JMH, Kramer K, Kuhn I, Kurokawa H, Laughlin D, Lee TD, Leishman M, Lens F, Lenz T, Lewis SL, Lloyd J, Llusia J, Louault F, Ma S, Mahecha MD, Manning P, Massad T, Medlyn BE, Messier J, Moles AT, Muller SC, Nadrowski K, Naeem S, Niinemets U, Nollert S, Nuske A, Ogaya R, Oleksyn J, Onipchenko VG, Onoda Y, Ordonez J, Overbeck G, Ozinga WA, Patino S, Paula S, Pausas JG, Penuelas J, Phillips OL, Pillar V, Poorter H, Poorter L, Poschlod P, Prinzing A, Proulx R, Rammig A, Reinsch S, Reu B, Sack L, Salgado-Negre B, Sardans J, Shiodera S, Shipley B, Siefert A, Sosinski E, Soussana JF, Swaine E, Swenson N, Thompson K, Thornton P, Waldram M, Weiher E, White M, White S, Wright SJ, Yguel B, Zaehle S, Zanne AE, Wirth C (2011) TRY - a global database of plant traits. Global Change Biology 17, 2905-2935.

- Kattge J, Ogle K, Bonisch G, Diaz S, Lavorel S, Madin J, Nadrowski K, Nollert S, Sartor K, Wirth C (2011) A generic structure for plant trait databases. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2, 202-213.

- Kilinc O (2011) Aclonifen : The identikit of a widely used herbicide. African Journal of Agricultural Research 6, 2411-2419.

- Kilinc O, Grasset R, Reynaud S (2011) The herbicide aclonifen : The complex theoretical bases of sunflower tolerance. Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology 100, 193-198.

- Kindberg J, Swenson JE, Ericsson G, Bellemain E, Miquel C, Taberlet P (2011) Estimating population size and trends of the Swedish brown bear Ursus arctos population. Wildlife Biology 17, 114-123.

- Komac B, Alados CL, Bueno CG, Gomez D (2011) Spatial patterns of species distributions in grazed subalpine grasslands. Plant Ecology 212, 519-529.

- Komac B, Alados CL, Camarero JJ (2011) Influence of Topography on the Colonization of Subalpine Grasslands by the Thorny Cushion Dwarf Echinospartum horridum. Arctic Antarctic and Alpine Research 43, 601-611.

- Kowalczyk R, Taberlet P, Coissac E, Valentini A, Miquel C, Kaminski T, Wojcik JM (2011) Influence of management practices on large herbivore diet-Case of European bison in Bialowieza Primeval Forest (Poland). Forest Ecology and Management 261, 821-828.

- Kujala H, Araujo MB, Thuiller W, Cabeza M (2011) Misleading results from conventional gap analysis - Messages from the warming north. Biological Conservation 144, 2450-2458.

- Kunstler G, Albert CH, Courbaud B, Lavergne S, Thuiller W, Vieilledent G, Zimmermann NE, Coomes DA (2011) Effects of competition on tree radial-growth vary in importance but not in intensity along climatic gradients. Journal of Ecology 99, 300-312.

- Lamarque P, Quetier F, Lavorel S (2011) The diversity of the ecosystem services concept and its implications for their assessment and management. Comptes Rendus Biologies 334, 441-449.

- Lamarque P, Tappeiner U, Turner C, Steinbacher M, Bardgett RD, Szukics U, Schermer M, Lavorel S (2011) Stakeholder perceptions of grassland ecosystem services in relation to knowledge on soil fertility and biodiversity. Regional Environmental Change 11, 791-804.

- Lavorel S, de Bello F, Grigulis K, Leps J, Garnier E, Castro H, Dolezal J, Godolets C, Quetier F, Thebault A (2011) Response of herbaceous vegetation functional diversity to land use change across five sites in europe and israel. Israel Journal of Ecology & Evolution 57, 53-72.

- Lavorel S, Grigulis K, Lamarque P, Colace MP, Garden D, Girel J, Pellet G, Douzet R (2011) Using plant functional traits to understand the landscape distribution of multiple ecosystem services. Journal of Ecology 99, 135-147.

- Lentendu G, Zinger L, Manel S, Coissac E, Choler P, Geremia RA, Melodelima C (2011) Assessment of soil fungal diversity in different alpine tundra habitats by means of pyrosequencing. Fungal Diversity 49, 113-123.

- Marescot L, Pradel R, Duchamp C, Cubaynes S, Marboutin E, Choquet R, Miquel C, Gimenez O (2011) Capture-recapture population growth rate as a robust tool against detection heterogeneity for population management. Ecological Applications 21, 2898-2907.

- Meirmans PG (2011) MARLIN, software to create, run, and analyse spatially realistic simulations. Molecular Ecology Resources 11, 146-150.

- Meirmans PG, Goudet J, Gaggiotti OE, IntraBioDiv C (2011) Ecology and life history affect different aspects of the population structure of 27 high-alpine plants. Molecular Ecology 20, 3144-3155.

- Meynard CN, Devictor V, Mouillot D, Thuiller W, Jiguet F, Mouquet N (2011) Beyond taxonomic diversity patterns : how do alpha, beta and gamma components of bird functional and phylogenetic diversity respond to environmental gradients across France ? Global Ecology and Biogeography 20, 893-903.

- Miaud C, Oromi N, Guerrero S, Sanuy D (2011) Intra-specific variation in nitrate tolerance in tadpoles of the Natterjack toad (vol 20, pg 1176, 2011). Ecotoxicology 20, 1485-1485.

- Miaud C, Oromi N, Navarro S, Sanuy D (2011) Intra-specific variation in nitrate tolerance in tadpoles of the Natterjack toad. Ecotoxicology 20, 1176-1183.

- Midgley GF, Thuiller W (2011) Potential responses of terrestrial biodiversity in Southern Africa to anthropogenic climate change. Regional Environmental Change 11, S127-S135.

- Mouhamadou B, Molitor C, Baptist F, Sage L, Clement JC, Lavorel S, Monier A, Geremia RA (2011) Differences in fungal communities associated to Festuca paniculata roots in subalpine grasslands. Fungal Diversity 47, 55-63.

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- Paris M, Tetreau G, Laurent F, Lelu M, Despres L, David JP (2011) Persistence of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) in the environment induces resistance to multiple Bti toxins in mosquitoes. Pest Management Science 67, 122-128.

- Perazza D, Laporte F, Balague C, Chevalier F, Remo S, Bourge M, Larkin J, Herzog M, Vachon G (2011) GeBP/GPL Transcription Factors Regulate a Subset of CPR5-Dependent Processes. Plant Physiology 157, 1232-1242.

- Pio DV, Broennimann O, Barraclough TG, Reeves G, Rebelo AG, Thuiller W, Guisan A, Salamin N (2011) Spatial Predictions of Phylogenetic Diversity in Conservation Decision Making. Conservation Biology 25, 1229-1239.

- Pompanon F, Coissac E, Taberlet P (2011) Metabarcoding a new way to analyze biodiversity. Biofutur, 30-32.

- Pujolar JM, Bevacqua D, Andrello M, Capoccioni F, Ciccotti E, De Leo GA, Zane L (2011) Genetic patchiness in European eel adults evidenced by molecular genetics and population dynamics modelling. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 58, 198-206.

- Quetier F, Lavorel S (2011) Assessing ecological equivalence in biodiversity offset schemes : Key issues and solutions. Biological Conservation 144, 2991-2999.

- Raye G, Miquel C, Coissac E, Redjadj C, Loison A, Taberlet P (2011) New insights on diet variability revealed by DNA barcoding and high-throughput pyrosequencing : chamois diet in autumn as a case study. Ecological Research 26, 265-276.

- Riaz T, Shehzad W, Viari A, Pompanon F, Taberlet P, Coissac E (2011) ecoPrimers : inference of new DNA barcode markers from whole genome sequence analysis. Nucleic Acids Research 39.

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