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25 novembre 2013 ( dernière mise à jour : 27 novembre 2013 )


Dernière mise à jour : novembre 2013

- Andrello, M., Mouillot, D., Beuvier, J., Albouy, C., Thuiller, W. & Manel, S. (2013) Low Connectivity between Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas : A Biophysical Modeling Approach for the Dusky Grouper Epinephelus marginatus. PLoS ONE 8.

- Akhouayri, I. G., Habtewold, T. & Christophides, G. K. (2013) Melanotic Pathology and Vertical Transmission of the Gut Commensal Elizabethkingia meningoseptica in the Major Malaria Vector Anopheles gambiae. Plos One 8.

- Andrew, R. L., Bernatchez, L., Bonin, A., Buerkle, C. A., Carstens, B. C., Emerson, B. C., Garant, D., Giraud, T., Kane, N. C., Rogers, S. M., Slate, J., Smith, H., Sork, V. L., Stone, G. N., Vines, T. H., Waits, L., Widmer, A. & Rieseberg, L. H. (2013) A road map for molecular ecology. Molecular Ecology 22, 2605-2626.

- Baptist, F., Secher-Fromell, H., Viard-Cretat, F., Aranjuelo, I., Clement, J. C., Creme, A., Desclos, M., Laine, P., Nogues, S. & Lavorel, S. (2013) Carbohydrate and nitrogen stores in Festuca paniculata under mowing explain dominance in subalpine grasslands. Plant Biology 15, 395-404.

- Bellard, C., Thuiller, W., Leroy, B., Genovesi, P., Bakkenes, M. & Courchamp, F. (2013) Will climate change promote future invasions ? Global Change Biology 19

- Bellemain, E., Davey, M. L., Kauserud, H., Epp, L. S., Boessenkool, S., Coissac, E., Geml, J., Edwards, M., Willerslev, E., Gussarova, G., Taberlet, P. & Brochmann, C. (2013) Fungal palaeodiversity revealed using high-throughput metabarcoding of ancient DNA from arctic permafrost. Environmental Microbiology 15, 1176-1189.

- Benot, M.-L., Saccone, P., Vicente, R., Pautrat, E., Morvan-Bertrand, A., Decau, M.-L., Grigulis, K., Prud’homme, M.-P. & Lavorel, S. (2013) How extreme summer weather may limit control of Festuca paniculata by mowing in subalpine grasslands. Plant Ecology & Diversity 6, 393-404.

- Bi, Y.-F., Xu, J.-C., Li, Q.-H., Guisan , A., Thuiller, W., Zimmerman, N.E., Yang, Y.-P. & Yang, X.-F. (2013) Applying BioMod for Model Ensemble in Species Distributions : a Case Study for Tsuga chinensisin China. Plant Diversity and Resources, 35, 647-655.

- Binet, M. N., Sage, L., Malan, C., Clement, J. C., Redecker, D., Wipf, D., Geremia, R. A., Lavorel, S. & Mouhamadou, B. (2013) Effects of mowing on fungal endophytes and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in subalpine grasslands. Fungal Ecology 6, 248-255.

- Bleu, J., Le Galliard, J.-F., Fitze, P. S., Meylan, S., Clobert, J. & Massot, M. (2013) a Reproductive allocation strategies : a long-term study on proximate factors and temporal adjustments in a viviparous lizard. Oecologia 171, 141-151.

- Bleu, J., Massot, M., Haussy, C. & Meylan, S. (2013) b An experimental study of the gestation costs in a viviparous lizard : a hormonal manipulation. Physiological and biochemical zoology : PBZ 86, 690-701.

- Boucher, F., Thuiller, W., Arnoldi, C., Albert, C.H., Lavergne, S., 2012. Unravelling the architecture of functional variability in wild populations of Polygonum viviparum L. (2013) Functional Ecology, 27, 382–391

- Bratan, F., Niaf, E., Melodelima, C., Chesnais, A. L., Souchon, R., Mege-Lechevallier, F., Colombel, M. & Rouviere, O. (2013) Influence of imaging and histological factors on prostate cancer detection and localisation on multiparametric MRI : a prospective study. European Radiology 23, 2019-2029.

- Buehler, D., Poncet, B. N., Holderegger, R., Manel, S., Taberlet, P. & Gugerli, F. (2013) An outlier locus relevant in habitat-mediated selection in an alpine plant across independent regional replicates. Evolutionary Ecology 27, 285-300.

- Cabral, J. S., Jeltsch, F., Thuiller, W., Higgins, S., Midgley, G. F., Rebelo, A. G., Rouget, M. & Schurr, F. M. (2013) Impacts of past habitat loss and future climate change on the range dynamics of South African Proteaceae. Diversity and Distributions 19, 363-376.

- Cadotte, M., Albert, C. H. & Walker, S. C. (2013) The ecology of differences : assessing community assembly with trait and evolutionary distances. Ecology Letters 16, 1234-1244.

- Carboni, M., Muenkemueller, T., Gallien, L., Lavergne, S., Acosta, A. & Thuiller, W. (2013) Darwin’s naturalization hypothesis : scale matters in coastal plant communities. Ecography 36, 560-568.

- Carlson, B. Z., Randin, C. F., Boulangeat, I., Lavergne, S., Thuiller, W. & Choler, P. (2013) Working toward integrated models of alpine plant distribution. Alpine Botany 123, 41-53.

- Casabona, M. G., Silverman, J. M., Sall, K. M., Boyer, F., Coute, Y., Poirel, J., Grunwald, D., Mougous, J. D., Elsen, S. & Attree, I. (2013) An ABC transporter and an outer membrane lipoprotein participate in posttranslational activation of type VI secretion in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Environmental Microbiology 15, 471-486.

- Catinon, M., Ayrault, S., Boudouma, O., Bordier, L., Agnello, G., Reynaud, S. & Tissut, M. (2013) Are coarse particles unexpected common reservoirs for some atmospheric anthropogenic trace elements ? A case study. Atmospheric Environment 74, 217-226.

- Chalmandrier, L., Midgley, G. F., Barnard, P. & Sirami, C. (2013) Effects of time since fire on birds in a plant diversity hotspot. Acta Oecologica-International Journal of Ecology 49, 99-106.

- Chalmandrier, L., Muenkemueller, T., Gallien, L., de Bello, F., Mazel, F., Lavergne, S. & Thuiller, W. (2013) b A family of null models to distinguish between environmental filtering and biotic interactions in functional diversity patterns. Journal of Vegetation Science 24, 853-864.

- Chandor-Proust, A., Bibby, J., Regent-Kloeckner, M., Roux, J., Guittard-Crilat, E., Poupardin, R., Riaz, M. A., Paine, M., Dauphin-Villemant, C., Reynaud, S. & David, J.-P. (2013) The central role of mosquito cytochrome P450 CYP6Zs in insecticide detoxification revealed by functional expression and structural modelling. The Biochemical journal 455, 75-85.

- Czernik, M., Taberlet, P., Swislocka, M., Czajkowska, M., Duda, N. & Ratkiewicz, M. (2013) Fast and efficient DNA-based method for winter diet analysis from stools of three cervids : moose, red deer, and roe deer. Acta Theriologica 58, 379-386.

- David, J.-P., Ismail, H. M., Chandor-Proust, A. & Paine, M. J. I. (2013) Role of cytochrome P450s in insecticide resistance : impact on the control of mosquito-borne diseases and use of insecticides on Earth. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 368.

- de Bello, F., Lavorel, S., Lavergne, S., Albert, C. H., Boulangeat, I., Mazel, F. & Thuiller, W. (2013) a Hierarchical effects of environmental filters on the functional structure of plant communities : a case study in the French Alps. Ecography 36, 393-402.

- de Bello, F., Vandewalle, M., Reitalu, T., Leps, J., Prentice, H. C., Lavorel, S. & Sykes, M. T. (2013) Evidence for scale- and disturbance-dependent trait assembly patterns in dry semi-natural grasslands. Journal of Ecology 101, 1237-1244.

- Dehedin, A., Dole-Olivier, M.-J., Piscart, C., Mimoun, D., Bornette, G. & Marmonier, P. (2013) Long-term Changes and Drying Modality Affect Interstitial Assemblages of Alluvial Wetlands. Wetlands 33, 537-550.

- Dormann, C. F., Elith, J., Bacher, S., Buchmann, C., Carl, G., Carre, G., Garcia Marquez, J. R., Gruber, B., Lafourcade, B., Leitao, P. J., Muenkemueller, T., McClean, C., Osborne, P. E., Reineking, B., Schroeder, B., Skidmore, A. K., Zurell, D. & Lautenbach, S. (2013) Collinearity : a review of methods to deal with it and a simulation study evaluating their performance. Ecography 36, 27-46.

- Dortel, E., Thuiller, W., Lobo, J. M., Bohbot, H., Lumaret, J. P. & Jay-Robert, P. (2013) Potential effects of climate change on the distribution of Scarabaeidae dung beetles in Western Europe. Journal of Insect Conservation 17, 1059-1070.

- Duparc, A., Redjadj, C., Viard-Cretat, F., Lavorel, S., Austrheim, G. & Loison, A. (2013) Co-variation between plant above-ground biomass and phenology in sub-alpine grasslands. Applied Vegetation Science 16, 305-316.

- Eidesen, P. B., Ehrich, D., Bakkestuen, V., Alsos, I. G., Gilg, O., Taberlet, P. & Brochmann, C. (2013) Genetic roadmap of the Arctic : plant dispersal highways, traffic barriers and capitals of diversity. New Phytologist 200, 898-910.

- Escalas, A., Bouvier, T., Mouchet, M. A., Leprieur, F., Bouvier, C., Troussellier, M. & Mouillot, D. (2013) A unifying quantitative framework for exploring the multiple facets of microbial biodiversity across diverse scales. Environmental Microbiology 15, 2642-2657.

- Grigulis, K., Lavorel, S., Krainer, U., Legay, N., Baxendale, C., Dumont, M., Kastl, E., Arnoldi, C., Bardgett, R. D., Poly, F., Pommier, T., Schloter, M., Tappeiner, U., Bahn, M. & Clement, J.-C. (2013) Relative contributions of plant traits and soil microbial properties to mountain grassland ecosystem services. Journal of Ecology 101, 47-57.

- Hibert, F., Taberlet, P., Chave, J., Scotti-Saintagne, C., Sabatier, D. & Richard-Hansen, C. (2013) Unveiling the Diet of Elusive Rainforest Herbivores in Next Generation Sequencing Era ? The Tapir as a Case Study. Plos One 8.

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- Lamarque, P., Artaux, A., Barnaud, C., Dobremez, L., Nettier, B. & Lavorel, S. (2013) Taking into account farmers’ decision making to map fine-scale land management adaptation to climate and socio-economic scenarios. Landscape and Urban Planning 119, 147-157.

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