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Biogeochemistry: Linking biodiversity and nutrient cycling in permanent grasslands

Leader: Arnaud FOULQUIER

This theme aims at elucidating the multiple biogeochemical linkages between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in a context of climate and land management changes. The specificity of this theme also stems from the methods/approaches used or developed by its members to explore their research questions. Terrestrial ecosystems are central in the coupling of C, N, P, and water cycling which may reflect changes in key environmental factors and in turn influence ecosystem processes. By connecting community ecology, soil biology and biogeochemistry, our theme seeks a better understanding of the ecological bases of ecosystem services delivered by ecosystems (link with Theme 6), of the ecosystems response to xenobiotic pressures (link with Theme 5), and of the role of biotic interactions including herbivory (Theme 2 & 7).

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