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Adaptation, diversification et origines de la biodiversité

Animateur : Sébastien LAVERGNE

Over the last decade, evidence has increased that natural selection in heterogeneous environments, which leads to phenotypic divergence and local adaptation of populations, has been a major force of species diversification, with spectacular examples of ecological speciation and adaptive radiations. However, it remains unclear how the relative effects of adaptive and non-adaptive processes shape the distribution of phenotypic differences between species, or how the emergence and development of key morphologic and physiologic traits of high adaptive value within species ultimately lead to patterns of speciation and divergence between species. To answer these important questions we must then bridge the long existing gap between microevolutionary processes and macroevolutionary patterns. This can only come from empirical studies aiming to analyse the evolution of phenotypic adaptations and the signatures of natural selection within a broader macroevolutionary context studying the diversification of species’ traits and niches.

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